About us

Beyond Careers is a holistic careers platform that aims to address gaps in the talent acquisition and retention process.

We often hear about the global talent shortage from employers, and on the flip side candidates feel that there just aren’t enough good jobs out there.

At Beyond Careers, our mission is to showcase employers of the future and enable candidates with choice using a two-pronged approach:

  1. We prioritise employers with a strong work-culture underpinned by tangible, employee-friendly policies ranging from remote-work to wellbeing and support them in their employer branding and talent acquisition goals.
  2. By helping candidates identify opportunities that fit their lifestyle and preparing them for the role, we believe we can get the right people into the right jobs, with a long-term mindset.

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We are a collective of like-minded individuals, who believe that fulfilment at work, comes with fulfilment in life.

Our ethos

  • We love working with people and companies who walk the talk.
  • We believe that great results can be achieved anywhere with the right culture and support systems in place.
  • We appreciate that no two candidates are alike and may prioritize different things.
  • We know that long-lasting relationships are based on mutual benefit, aligned from the beginning.
  • We hope to see more companies hire for attitude and train for skills to empower equal opportunity and inclusion in the workplace.
  • We aim to address career gaps and get more women and single parents back to work, by matching them with progressive employers.
  • We are counting on your support to help us inspire the future of work in the Middle East and beyond. 

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